The Fruit Shop is a shop of pottery inspired by fruit, vegetables and more. Each piece is hand made and carries an individual nature, differing from one to the next.

Hsian Jung Chen, ceramic artist and graphic designer. Taiwanese, lives and works in Taipei.

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10 Aug - 13 Oct 2019
Solid Art 本事藝術


A reimaging Bangkok project collaborated with VERY KIND INVENTION
6-26 Sep 2019
Paragon Department Store

Beitou Local Flavours Collecting Project

23 Feb - 21 Apr 2019
Hong-gah Museum  鳳甲美術館

Hong-gah Museum has been devoting to the research of Beitou local community for several years. Through lectures of artists and scholars from different disciplinary, art projects based in Beitou, and collaborations with local institutions, the museum is hoping to discover Beitou through methods of the arts, and to propose new perspectives toward the place that we’ve known for long. In 2019, Hong-gah Museum presents “Beitou Local Flavors Collecting Project”, continuing the experimental spirit by adding senses of smell and taste. What would be possible when talking about the features of a place? Flavors, which contain our memories to a places and its people, might help us to form imaginations. Describing flavors through the arts can be challenging and inspiring at the same time, it can also remind us to pay more attention to the environment where we are. Join us to experience the unknown Beitou through flavors!

The Rationality of Warmth

Two-person show by Wen Meng-Yu and Chen Hsian-Jung
27 Oct - 18 Nov 2018

槩藝廊 Gai Art 

When Life Gives You Avocados, Make Avocado Toast

Open Studio | Thu 7 - Mon 11 Jun 2018
Artist Meet and Greet | Sun 10 Jun | 1–5pm
Fremantle Arts Centre 

Hsian Jung Chen opens his studio to the public, presenting a series of works made durin his time as an Artist in Residence at FAC.
Inspired by common experiences shared by people in daily life, Hsian has created a range of
ceramics alongside a large-scale found object installation. The works look at millennial depression
and the effects of capitalism with specific reference to Fremantle.
The Asialink Artist Residency is an innovative, flexible program that promotes cross-cultural dialogue
by providing Australian and Asian artists with opportunities for reciprocal exchanges with artists from Taipei Cultural Foundation, Taiwan. FAC has been involved with the program for eight years.
This residency project is a partnership between Asialink, AIR Taipei, and Fremantle Arts Centre, City
of Fremantle.

Ice & Juice Bar 2.0
The Ice & Juice Bar series draws its inspiration from Taiwan's traditional ice and fruit juice shops (冰菓室). The geometrical bulks of vividly coloured sculptures look just like fresh fruit cuts stacked and displayed in a typical glass fridge. Each piece is hand-built. Version 2.0 further combines and plays with these geometrical forms allowing them to grow like a living organism.

冰菓室 2.0

Gold & Green
is the collaborative project by the established Austrian ceramic artist Matthias Kaiser and the emerging Taiwanese ceramic artist Hsian Jung Chen. After chancing across some books about Chinese medicine, Kaiser became fascinated by the odd and unusual ingredients, like the organs of rare animals, and the kinky sounding remedies. The mysterious culture of traditional Chinese medicine sent him dreaming about other worlds. To Chen, Chinese medicine shops have a commonplace existence in his daily life, and he seldom ventures beyond their thresholds. From their different points of view and experiences, these ceramic artists re-interpret, through their individual visual languages, the dwindling and partly-lost culture of traditional Chinese medicine.

(Works above by Hsian Jung Chen)

是奧地利資深陶藝家馬提亞斯・凱撒(Matthias Kaiser)與台灣新生代陶藝創作者陳向榮的合作計畫。凱撒多年前接觸到傳統中藥的相關書籍,奇特的藥材引起他的興趣,像是珍禽異獸的器官,如龍骨、龜板;或者帶有黑暗色彩的偏方,如童子尿、人胞(人類的胎盤)、人中白(人類尿液的沈澱物)。傳統中藥文化對於凱撒來說,神秘而引人遐思;而對於台灣土生土長的陳向榮來說,傳統中藥行即便是日常生活中習慣的風景,卻少有走進中藥行的經驗。凱撒對陳提出此計畫構想,透過兩人不同的觀點,藉由文本閱讀與田野調查,以中藥材及中醫文化為靈感,以土為主要媒介,用充滿個人風格的視覺語言重新詮釋漸漸失傳的傳統中藥文化。



The pottery series “Ice & Juice Bar” is freshly made by Hsian Jung Chen in his studio. Chen often distills idea into pottery forms of no obvious utility, but yet they go in harmony with everyday life — a “rational irrationality”, as the artist puts it, that exists in life. The modestly glazed pieces carry the reminiscence of colors, forms and delights of many common fruits, and a certain tropical temperament in the nature that inspires the artist.

In Food Pose, Chen installs the food sets in the kitchen. The food and pottery duo reflects and interprets each other. 

Book Info
Hsian Jung Chen
28 pages
13 cm × 17.5 cm
Offset printing
According fold
Limited 800 copies
Published by nos:books
Taipei, Taiwan, 2016




28 頁
13 公分 × 17.5 公分
限量 800 本

Ice and Juice Bar
is  inspired from Taiwanese traditional ice and fruit juice shop. Geometrical bulks of sculpture look just like fresh and colorful fruit cuts stacked and displayed in the  glass fridge. Ideally, this series of work is priced and sold by weight.


Inspiration comes from the contrasting colours and textures of the hairy husk and inner shell of the coconut, which stores thirst-quenching water. All these images of coconut create a series of the imaginary of “containers”.


Your Empire is Empty
Hsian Jung Chen has collaborated with Taiwanese artist Son Ni. In the series “Your Empire is Empty”, he builds micro broken spaces by ceramics while Son Ni stacks or deconstructs each space by her drawing. Her iconic broken figures are limited in each space where reality and illusion overlaps.

藝術家 Son Ni 與陶藝家陳向榮的合作作品。陳用陶搭建出破碎的空間,Son Ni  在其空間中堆疊或解構每個空間,其標誌性破碎的人型限制於每個真實與虛幻交疊的空間。這系列作品看似有用,實則難用、無用;有些被刻意扭曲、抹去功能性,形成未完整/半開放狀態,像是出土自未來的廢墟遺跡、殘骸。

Finding inspiration in squash’s smooth curve, which you can find the trace in the pottery’s shapes, forms and glazes. The glaze imitates creamy pumpkin soup and the contrasting colours of different kinds of squash, such as Delicata or Carnival. 

Passion Fruit
Faded pinks and greys are subtly set against bright and vibrant blues and yellows, imitating the contrasting colours,textures and flavours of the passion fruit, as well as its intricate flower.

Starting from a memory of my favourite fruit in childhood - I liked holding the cantaloupe, cutting it in half and eating the insides with a spoon. This memory of the colours, shapes and sweet flavours inspired this pottery series. 

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